ZKP: Experience with the Noir Language

Wishing to learn more about zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP), I decided this Spring to complete the ZKP MOOC. This course confirmed my interest in this technology. I also participated in the ZKP/Web3 Hackathon with Piergiuseppe Mallozzi. After collaborating to define the architecture of the project, I mainly focused on blockchain integration and impl... Read more

An Unofficial Solution to Cain’s Jawbone

Cain’s Jawbone, a Torquemada Mystery Novel is a mystery puzzle written by Edward Powys Mathers (1892 – 1939). It was initially published in 1934 (Victor Gollancz, Ltd) and was reprinted in 2019 (Unbound). This puzzle consists of 100 shuffled pages. This puzzle is solved by correctly ordering them using clues from the text. Only one solution exi... Read more

Continuous Healthcare

May 28, 2050. Image AI-generated by DALL·E. Prompt: “Woman waiting in a futuristic hospital with computers in the background” During the night, Mayra’s health monitor started to detect a new bacterial infection. This implanted device, continuously monitoring her bloodstream, warns Mayra that she is probably infected with the bacteria burkhol... Read more

Second-Order Constraints in Constraint-Logic Games

In this article, we hypothesize that non-obvious and yet fundamental constraints (“second-order constraints”), emerging from obvious rules (“first-order constraints”), may help solve computationally intractable puzzles. Puzzles as Constraint-Logic Games Puzzles can be defined as one-player constraint-logic games (Hearn, Robert A., and Erik D. ... Read more